Before dining with us, please read our COVID-19 policy and new seating guidelines.

COVID-19 Policy

Lemoncello's New Seating Guidelines

Due to the nature of the business, we are unable to confirm vaccination status, therefore we will be seating based on the honor system. If uncomfortable, we recommend avoiding prime time, where social distancing is more difficult to adhere to.

Staff will continue to utilize masks until further notice. We will try to accommodate as safely as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work through the new guidelines.

Safety Protocol

In order to better ensure a safer dining and working environment during the transition back into the dine-in business, we would like our customers to know we are taking smart, safe and manageable precautions to combat the potential spread of germs and viruses in the future. We will stay away from over-promising and under-delivering but rather maintaining stringent and attainable cleaning practices to keep the servers, customers and community safe while still providing great service and cuisine. We thank you for understanding as we work through some of the operational changes.

  1. Please know, the owners will always be present either hosting, food running, bar-backing or clearing tables in order to help ensure protocols are followed. By being present we can change direction, add or decrease procedures immediately.
  2. Server stations, kitchen prep areas, bathrooms and walkways will continue to be sanitized throughout the evening. Menus, chairs and all service areas will be wiped down with sanitizer after being handled. Ceilings were raised and doorways created for better and safer circulation of air and employee movement.
  3. Due to our sprawling seating area; main room, atrium, garden room, lower patio, upper-deck and sidewalk; we will safely space diners out and utilize all the seating areas in order to help physical distancing while keeping the ambiance fun and inviting.
  4. Dine-in customers are encouraged to use their own cell phones when ordering from our website while options for single-use or leather menus are also options.
  5. Food pick up and deliveries will have a separate entrance as we will continue to utilize our enhanced ON-LINE ORDERING technology at
  6. In warmer weather the host will be in an outside station and entry points will be separated. Inside guests will enter through main door and patio guests will enter through gate. Seating will be determined by availability.
  7. Staff members are encouraged to stay home or not report to work if they show any signs of not feeling well no matter how insignificant or minimal the symptoms are. If there continues to be a mask-wearing mandate for workers, we will gladly comply.
  8. All glassware, silverware, tableware etc. are washed in a high temperature that rinses at 180 degrees and kills any latent germs or bacteria. The machines are serviced bi monthly by certified technicians and cleaned nightly by the staff.
  9. Food preparation and handling will continue to have just as much attention as it did prior to the pandemic so temperatures and proper storage will be checked throughout the day.

Our Dining Space Has Been Expanded

Our dining space has been temporarily expanded. Original Taylor’s (directly across the street from Lemocello) has been remodeled and turned into a safe and gorgeous dining area, and will be referred to as “Lemoncello 2”.This will allow us to maintain our staff and safely distance our customers for indoor fall/winter seating when Lemoncello’s patio is closed. We will serve from identical dinner and drink menus.

How it will work: Please enter Lemoncello and based on volume and seating, you will either be seated at Lemoncello or will be walked across the street to Lemoncello 2, where our servers and bartenders will be waiting.