Lemoncello-Massimo-Fausto-BrothersFirst generation Italian immigrants Massimo and Fausto Albano established Lemoncello as a place where their community in East Rochester could experience the atmosphere of an authentic Italian Bistro.

Italian traditions are focused on food and family. Every day with good food and a full house is a celebration. Massimo and Fausto left Italy in the Mediterranean but we brought with them the desire to share their culture and love of excellent cooking with you.

The two brothers worked with their father to transform the space into a restaurant that makes you feel at home while transporting you to another place. The ceilings are high, the exposed wooden beams and masonry were inspired by the Italian countryside and every detail has a story. The interior design and the inviting outdoor dining spaces at Lemoncello reflect family heritage. Customers of Lemoncello return for quality Italian cuisine every time and are often surprised by changing decor and new live musical acts.

The Space

At Lemoncello, we welcome you to join us at our table for a beautiful meal and to stay with us for wine, cocktails and music. We have separate rooms available for reserving your event, and casual dining areas that bring you one step closer to Italy.


The Team

Lemoncello’s culinary direction is lead by none other than Nick LaPietra.  Nick has been with us for years now, reshaping how modern Italian is truly created.

Nick LaPietra is a native of East Rochester and has been shaping the tastes of Lemoncello from nearly the beginning.  With decades of cooking and kitchen management experience, Nick has a wealth of knowledge in authentic Italian cuisine. Nick shapes Lemoncello’s taste and leads the rest of the kitchen staff with his extraordinary sauté skills and appreciation of deep tastes and aromas.